Meet the Staff

David Kimmel, Campaign Manager

Hailing from Piscataway, David Kimmel is a determined leader. With a Communications degree from Rutgers University, he aims to utilize the power of social media alongside strategic organization in order to help promote and manage this campaign. With  impeccable time management and a keen sense in rationalization, David intends to make great contributions to the campaign and to society. 

Gina Lynn Pearson, Fundraiser

Growing up in more than 30 foster homes throughout her life, Gina Lynn Pearson has flourished regardless of outside expectations & obstacles in her path. Graduating from Rutgers University with a Master's of Social Work, she now works towards improving the New Jersey foster care system in addition to her future plans of becoming a lawyer. Gina's perseverance & goals highlights her as a leader within her community.  

Ankush Kumar, Campaign Manager

Born in America to a Hindu Punjabi family, Ankush grew up in Jersey City. After graduating from Rutgers University in Economics, Ankush works as an Accounts Payable Coordinator in New York. With an interest in business and world economic models, Ankush aims to make a difference within his community through different avenues.  

About Us

Shweta Mahajan, Campaign Manager

Though Shweta was brought to America from India as a child, she has fully experienced The American Dream. Seeing her parents' hard work and sacrifices enabled Shweta to reach her goals and to succeed. Graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Information Technology, Shweta now works at The World Trade Center in New York. Using her own experiences of seeing The American Dream, Shweta aims to pay it forward in her community by showing that hard work does result in reward.   

Stephanie Griffiths, Campaign Manager

From South Jersey, Stephanie Griffiths’ goal is to spark change. Graduating from Rutgers University in 2015 double-majoring criminal justice and art, she plans to enter the criminal justice field to become a leader & role model within her community. A huge proponent for women’s rights, Stephanie wants to see the change that she believes should be made. In her spare time, she is also a photographer.