-Support HR 676 (Medicare for All). Medicare should be expanded to all Americans. All  Americans should be able to buy into Medicare as a public option.

-Eliminate balance billing

-Legalize the importing of prescription drugs from other countries (Germany, Canada, etc.)

-Government should negotiate affordable prescription drug prices with companies, which is   illegal

Banking System

-Create a modern Glass-Steagall Act so investment banks cannot have accessibility to deposits of  commercial banks

-Introduce postal banking, where the Postal Service will expand its service with savings &  checking accounts as well as provide check cashing services
-Eliminate arbitration clause in banking agreements so consumers can directly sue financial  institutions that commit fraud

-Cap credit card interest rates

-Hold financial institutions and their executives accountable when they commit fraud

-Eliminate payday lending

Tax Reform

-Transaction tax on Wall Street speculation at a rate of 0.5% for stocks, 0.1% for bonds &  0.005% for derivatives

-Capital gains over $50,000 should be taxed at ordinary income tax rates

-Increase income tax rates for High Net Worth & Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

-Government fills out tax return for individuals & mails them to individuals for approval. If  individuals disagree, then individual can modify.

-Net worth tax of 45% on individuals worth more than $5 million

-Implement a flat tax of 35% for big businesses

-Eliminate the tax deductions (Close Earnings Stripping Loophole, Hedge Fund Reinsurance,  REIT Loophole, Carried Interest Loophole)

Income Inequality

-Increase minimum wage to $15 an hour, with tax credits for companies with less than 50  employees

-Expand Home Refinance Affordable Program to other financial instititutions outside of Freddie  Mac & Fannie Mae who hold underwater mortgage assets

Criminal Justice

-Eliminate programs in a system that relies on fees & fines to generate revenue

-Eliminate for-profit prisons and lock-up quotas

-Increase funding for education and job-training programs to help people released from  prison

-Opioid & narcotic addiction should be treated as an addiction and not only a crime

-Marijuana should be taken off of the federal government's list of outlawed drugs

-Introduce body cameras on police officers

-End school-to-prison pipeline

Economy & Jobs

-Create more federal government jobs for workers who have lost jobs to automation

-Revisit NAFTA & TPP

-Promote the Outsourcing Prevention Act, which would end federal contracts to companies  engaging in offshoring jobs & creating additional taxes on companies who outsource jobs


Higher Education/Student Loans

-Alleviate student loan debt

-Eliminate interest rates on all student loans (public & private)

-Eliminate the current standard of "undue harship" & "disability" in order to discharge student  loan debt

-Increase the amount of Pell Grants for college tuition

-Expand Federal Work-Study programs at public universities

-1 interest-free loan of $500 the 1st semester of college. Doing so will create a credit history for  the student as well as teaching fiscal responsibility

-Create oversight team for accountability on rising college expenses & further reducing costs (Dodd-Frank 2.0) 


-Create more apprenticeship & post-secondary training programs at community colleges for  high school students

-Increase opportunities for all students to do college level coursework in high school

-Reduce ties of federal dollars to amount of standardized testing in public schools

-Mandatory Personal Finance courses

-Expand agriculture education in public schools and colleges

-Increase Internet access to rural neighborhoods

-Mandatory Pre-K

-Increase software development classes in public schools

-Promote STEM education

-Expand multilingual education

-Offer more home economics courses & cooking classes for students in public schools

-I support mental health education where schools receiving federal funds will teach coping  skills,  stress management, non-reactivity, and effective communication strategies

-Jobs and skills training programs for all youth

Social Security

-Eliminate the cap on income subject to the Social Security tax, which is currently set at  $118,500

Gender Inequality

-Adding LBGTQ classification in the federally protected classes

-Ending salary negotiations and closing the gender pay gap

-Requiring companies to report wage statistics to the federal government, broken down by race,  gender, ethnicity

-Requiring Diversity departments in large companies for ensuring hiring without discrimination


-Expand housing programs, substance abuse and trauma treatment as well as expand jobs  programs for veterans

-Pay increase for our soldiers

-Create a better VA Hospital system for better quality and faster treatments

-Expand financial and food assistance to veterans

-Eliminate widows tax

-Expand funding for suicide prevention and mental health


-Ending family detention and ensure U.S. compliance with the Flores Settlement Agreement  mandating the release from detention of all undocumented children

-Stopping the deportation of undocumented veterans as well as gold star families

-Eliminate inhumane practices of detention facilities

-Expand DREAM Act & Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

-Shorten long delays on determinations of applications for legal status

-Expanding fee waivers and/or reducing costs for naturalization

-5 year period for pathway to citizenship


Money in Politics

-Repeal Citizens United, which allows corporations to contribute to candidates' campaigns

-Ban Wall Street and corporate executives from serving in presidential cabinets

-Propose a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution making campaigns publicly financed and  transparent

-Refuse corporate PAC monies

-Tax corporate donations at 90% over $1,000

-Eliminating golden parachute payments to people in government jobs


-Eliminating fracking, offshore drilling, & new pipelines

-Reinstate the superfund tax structure

-Institute a carbon tax

-Invest in renewable energy

-Improving drinking water

-Creating new recycling methods


-Introducing legislation for high-speed rail

-Promote Gateway Tunnel & ARC Tunnel for metropolitan New York commuters

-Increase funding to the Department of Transportation for bridge, road and tunnel repairs

Parental Leave

-Mothers should receive 15 weeks of paid parental leave & fathers should receive 8 weeks at  their places of employment


-Funding to Planned Parenthood must be increased to levels prior to the Trump  administration

2nd Amendment

-Mandatory background checks for any transfer of gun ownership, whether it is a private or  corporate vendor

-Reintroducing ban on assault weapons
-Banning bump stocks

-Eliminating the Charleston Gun Show Loophole

-People on the Terrorist Watch List should be barred from being able to buy firearms

-Requirement of shooting hours before purchase of a gun


Voting Rights

-Automatic voter registration for all citizens 18 years of age or older 

-Ban Voter ID laws


-Introducing legislation for term limits on people in Congress


-Expanding Department of Agriculture programs to small farming communities and  independent family farms

-Providing tax credits for small independent farms that practice humane treatment of  animals 

-Eliminating tax breaks & subsidies for corporations who practice cruel factory farming  techniques and exploit workers

-Banning the use of unnatural hormones & pesticides in livestock

-Improve our nutition assistance programs (Free and Reduced Lunches & Breakfast in schools,  SNAP & WIC)

-Fortify our costal waters & other bodies of waters

Internet Privacy

-Protecting net neutrality and safe-guarding the data of our citizens

-Fortifying our cyber-security

-Ban on corporations paying more for faster internet than their rivals