About Me

My background

Born into a middle-class household, I have seen the struggle of a single parent trying to provide a quality life for their children. Growing up throughout many cities in New Jersey & a spell in Georgia, I have learned about different cultures and backgrounds one can & will come across in life. And I find it necessary for one to know, recognize and respect those of other backgrounds and cultures. After graduating from Perry High School in Georgia, I moved to New Brunswick to live & to study at Rutgers University. Through various forms of student aid & many jobs and internships, I graduated Rutgers with a major in Economics & currently work as an auditor. In a short time, I have made incredible connections with the people of this district that I now call home. With that said, I believe that is now time to represent the 6th Congressional District not as a constituent, but as its Representative. 

Why I'm Running

I feel as though it is time for myself to represent the 6th Congressional District as a Congressman by the people, for the people. Under the leadership of Congress at the present time, I do not think the government has the best interests of the people in mind, and I aim to make that change. Together, we are going to form a movement that cannot be denied & will bring back the true meaning of democracy. Putting your belief and faith in this movement will put us One Step Further towards getting back to a system that supports the underrepresented.

Contact Us

Please let us know your concerns so we can work together & find a way to solve them. We want to know what matters to you.